Meet Our Chairs

TEC Chairs are some of the most accomplished and respected business leaders in Canada. They’re passionate individuals with impressive resumes. It’s an honour to have such a great roster of coaches to provide to our members.

Andrew Reif

 Edmonton, AB

“Connecting the dots in unique ways and challenging assumptions about the business.”

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Katherine Crewe

Montreal, QC

“Today’s CEO functions at a faster pace than ever before, and it is vital they remain open to learning, adapting and growing”

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Joe Gillivan

Halifax, NS

“My training has taught me to ask powerful questions and my current experience as a coach and TEC Chair allows me to help people discover their own answers.”

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TEC Canada Chair Razina Visram

Razina Visram

Calgary, AB

“Working with CEOs and business leaders in their world of possibilities.”

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Pascal St-Jean

Ottawa, ON

“Thanks to TEC, members not only get great insights and knowledge to develop their strategies. More importantly, they get the inspiration, support, and accountability from their Chair and fellow peers to ensure follow through on execution. That’s the power of having a group of trusted leaders who have no other agenda than to help you win.”

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Joanne Sigurdson

Winnipeg, MB

“Even the best leaders get distracted by new opportunities or misjudged challenges. Knowing what to focus on to fulfill their  business goals in the most effective way is one of the great things they get from  TEC”

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André Turcotte

Quebec City, QC

“It’s really a great approach to have 15 CEOs working together to help each other grow their business more easily and rapidly.”

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Julia Oulton

 Vancouver, BC

“We don’t always have all the answers. We sometimes need others to see that there are new ways to solve old problems.”

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Brian Brennan

Toronto, ON

“Success is truly individual and can be achieved by surrounding yourself with people you trust and who trust you. It’s the result of your persistent pursuit of what you want most in life.”

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