Avinash Singh

Avinash Singh

Toronto, ON





For 25 years, Avinash Singh has been at the forefront of the business world, applying his expertise as a seasoned executive, strategist, banker, and risk management professional navigating ongoing change and uncertainty to create opportunities for growth. He has overseen business units in Retail, Private, and Corporate Banking at multinational banks in both developing and developed markets with cumulative balance sheets of CA$9bn generating annual revenues of CA$780m.

Avinash’s exceptional abilities in scaling, acquiring, merging, and integrating businesses have been critical in ensuring the success of every transaction he’s led. He has a unique talent for keeping people and teams committed, focused, and motivated through large-scale transformational change. Additionally, his ability to build close and trusting relationships with a wide range of clients, including corporate CEOs, family business owners, and high-growth startup founders, is a testament to his outstanding advisory skills.

As a firm believer in the power of lifelong learning and development, Avinash understands that leaders must stay on the cutting edge to thrive. Through his membership in a global CEO networking organization and his personal experience with peer-led platforms, Avinash has gained a deep appreciation for the value of collaboration and community in helping leaders achieve their goals. As a TEC Canada CEO Chair, he looks forward to sharing his insights and experience with fellow business leaders, empowering them to succeed while making a positive impact on their families, their communities, and the world around them.

TEC Group Vision

Our TEC Group is a safe space where trust and confidentiality are paramount, allowing for open, honest, and authentic conversations. We recognize the value and power of interdependence in our businesses, families, society, and the TEC Group itself and the role it plays in our individual growth and sustainability. Through honest dialogue, feedback, and shared experiences, we will cultivate foresight and resilience with humility, by harnessing the collective wisdom of the group.


  • Avinash was born and raised in South Africa, instilling a love for the outdoors in him.
  • An avid cyclist, hiker and overlander he has an interest in the history of people, their cultures and the evolution of societies.
  • He considers himself a student of life and living and is completing a course in Eastern philosophy.
  • He is raising three sons with his wife, Raakhee.