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Are We Speaking Your Language?

As a TEC speaker you’ll get first-rate experience, wide exposure, business development opportunities, plus speaker training and support. Sound like a great speaking gig? It is.

Meet Our Speakers

We have thousands of charismatic, experienced industry experts who effectively move our members forward with bold ideas. Here’s a sampler of some of our talent.

Ryan Walter

Stanley Cup Champion, former NHL coach, Head Coach of the Canadian National Women’s Team. Ryan is an author and holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership/Business.

TEC Speaker Simone Brown

Simone Brown

Simone is a performance architect and certified emotional intelligence practitioner who helps companies improve their people and culture, through behavioural and brain-based strategies.


Robert Murray

#1 Bestselling author, customer advocate, transformational leader, strategy Yoda. Robert has been a professional Keynote Speaker in over 25 countries.

Tara Landes

Tara is the founder and president of Bellrock Benchmarking Inc. and has spent 15+ years training and implementing custom management skills. Her training is highly interactive and learners always receive actionable takeaways and tools that they are expected to use immediately.

Adrian Davis

Adrian is a professional speaker, author and strategic consultant. His expertise is in helping chief executives and sales leaders create profitable growth through strategic client relationships.

Gair Maxwell

International speaker, author and reinvention expert, Gair works with CEOs, senior executives and solopreneurs to help them humanize their business and brand.

Paul Hunt

Paul is President of Pricing Solutions, and specializes in proprietary pricing methodologies and is recognized as a leading expert on return on sales and enterprise value.

Alan Oishi

Alan was named 2016 Canadian Speaker of the Year by TEC Canada. His passion is helping business leaders align their teams behind a common vision and build the commercial and cultural assets to drive accelerated and sustainable growth.

Christine Felgueiras

Christine is a professional speaker and certified leadership and professional development consultant that delivers innovative and skill-based programs that help businesses lead with their most powerful asset – their people.


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