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Becoming a TEC member can be transformational. Our proven program of peer advisory groups, one-to-one coaching, expert speakers, fast-paced learning and global network all provide a lasting impact. Not just on your business, but on your life. Your ability to deal with fast-paced change will accelerate. Your decision-making will become more decisive. You’ll be a better leader.

Value of Becoming a Member


TEC membership can give your business a significant return on investment. The ROI from tapping into the experience and expertise of your peer group and Chair will help grow new ways of generating revenue. Your business will flourish.


At TEC, we take privacy very seriously. We dig deeper into member issues for real impact. Everything that is discussed in the group stays with the group. You will be able to tackle sensitive issues without hesitation. Careful screening ensures your group is a safe zone with no direct competitors.

Growth and

We asked our members if they felt TEC helped improve their business profitability and life balance. Nearly 80% gave us the thumbs up. For decade-plus members, that number jumps to 90%. You’ll experience 360-degree improvement. TEC will help you grow your business, make better decisions, and develop a leadership style that will allow you more time for personal and professional experiences.

Global Community

Connect with over 25,000 business leaders around the world to leverage their knowledge and insights and grow your business.

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Member Stories

Becoming a TEC member can be transformational. Not just on your business, but on your life. But don’t just take our word for it.

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For over 35 years, TEC’s proven process has helped over 25,000 Canadian executives and owners become better leaders. Explore who could be sitting at your table.

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