Sylvain Boudrias’s Journey to Darspec

Sylvain at the Peru Inca Trail Challenge

Sylvain Boudrias, the President and Founder of Darspec, is a dynamic and forward-thinking individual who has had a remarkable journey from pivotal decisions to industry leadership. Realizing the potential for change during a training program on water protection, Sylvain shifted his business focus from developing fertilizing equipment to educating hundreds of professionals on the subject of water protection.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA, Sylvain has become a recognized expert when it comes to cross-connection engineering and water protection. He provides valuable guidance and knowledge to businesses and municipalities through actively engaging in committees and organizations.

Sylvain’s competitive spirit, thirst for knowledge, and commitment to teamwork have not only made him a good player in his beloved sport of ice hockey, but have also shaped the core values that continue to drive the success of Darspec. Today, Sylvain’s leadership and expertise are widely acknowledged, notably through awards and honours such as the George Warren Fuller Price from AWWA.

“It took me many years to understand that I should not build a great company, but I should motivate a great team who will build a greater company.”

TEC Canada’s Impact

Sylvain’s journey with TEC began in 2020 after presenting an OCI (a unique structure that TEC Canada members use, which starts with the question: ‘How do I?’). This experience served as a validation of the value TEC brings in finding solutions through discussing issues and encouraging peer carefrontation. With the help and support of his Chair, Gilles Prepoint and the resources provided by TEC, Sylvain has implemented many processes that have increased the value of Darspec. From Employee management and performance assessment tools to the planning of annual business strategies and budget allocations, Darspec is firmly on the path to sustainable growth and success.

“Since I joined TEC Canada, Darspec has doubled in size (revenue and employees) in what I am calling a young “industry” in a pandemic period. The monthly discussions with my peers helped me in uncovering new ways of doing things or confirming the right direction of the business.”

Christmas Party at Darspec: “Work Hard, Play Hard”

Sylvain receives the Fuller Award in Anaheim

“Our daily moto is continuous improvement in everything we do. We are not perfect, and everybody in the team can recommend an improvement on anything if there is value added for the customers.”

Finding the Perfect Balance

Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with a fulfilling personal life is often one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. However, Sylvain always makes time for family milestones such as graduations and sporting events. According to Sylvain, the best way to achieve this delicate balance is to get involved with the activities, making time for them in the agenda, and making choices that benefit both his professional and personal life.

Outside of his work commitments, Sylvain’s passion for sports has seen him coach his two sons soccer and hockey. He has also become a scuba diving instructor and is currently taking courses to become a sailor. As an engineer, he sets aside time to expand his knowledge on new trades and skills to apply to his company. This approach to agenda management not only plays a key part in the success of the company, but also Sylvain’s own health and success, and the happiness of his family.

The Road Ahead

Sylvain is actively involved with the American Water Works Association and has worked closely with them, updating a manual of practice, and is the lead for rewriting Chapter 5 of Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control. This partnership has not only extended his network in Canada, but to the United States.

These connections allows the team at Darspec to be informed on current trends and technologies. As a result, Darspec has seamlessly integrated innovative tools such as 3D scanning, 3D drawing, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and cloud-based ERP and CRM applications to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Sylvain’s strategic vision for Darspec revolves around curating an exceptional team of leaders who will take the company to greater heights. Darspec is starting to expand into new markets in Ontario for engineering services and other provinces for laboratory services, with the goal of establishing itself as a national reference across Canada.

Since starting Darspec, Sylvain aspired to streamline data collection and reporting in the company. Recognizing the data-rich information they have, Darspec has harnessed the potential of big data to train an algorithm, replacing preventative maintenance with predictive maintenance. This innovation has also inspired the company to embrace the digital era, with a goal of becoming a paperless business by mid-2024. However, the company remains conscious of the diversity of comfort levels within the industry regarding digitalization. Therefore, the company is committed to communicate frequently with its partners, suppliers, and customers, ensuring that their needs are being met.

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