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Gilles Prepoint

Montreal, QC

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Gilles Prepoint is a serial entrepreneur; his first company idea came at 20-years-old working on a boomerang manufacturing company. He has a passion for leadership, initially managing a large retail sports distributor. This leadership extended to managing operations of all stores (16 hyper stores and 3 warehouses), then training the teams opening internationally in Spain and Italy, as well as moving to Taiwan to prepare expansion in Asia.

In 2002, Gilles moved to New Zealand and founded The France Oceania Group, distribution company importing famous French brands and exporting local products to Europe. Through Gilles’s vision, success and expertise in leadership, he was approached by the French Embassy to serve as an Economic Advisor consulting with French entrepreneurs looking to expand to the Pacific.

Since arriving in Canada in 2011, Gilles and three partners started an investment company, where they focused on helping entrepreneurs by developing simple models for preparing and launching a business.

Gilles’s work is woven by a common theme: dedicating his efforts to guide leaders to accomplish their dreams. Gilles has been praised for “human management:” an approach where people’s happiness, growth and interests all peak while economic results soar.

TEC Group Vision

A positive passion for finding evolving solutions to any subject, refining organizations to make room for development and bringing members together. The goal: to allow each CEO to slow down his or her daily activity in order to grow faster by acting only on the essential decisions. Leaders will use their new found free time to listen, build exciting company visions and enjoy daily life.


• Lives on the South Shore of Montreal with his wife Jessie and their teenage son
• A Canadian citizen with 3 citizenships. (France, New Zealand)
• Passionate about Health, since Osteopathic school in Geneva Switzerland. He has a Bio-Energetic Degree and a Hypnotherapy Certification
• Volunteer with a few organizations, primarily with Air Cadets Canada
• Regularly practice Aikido, skiing, snowboarding and currently learning to kitesurf
• Fluent in French and English and limited proficiency in Mandarin.