The M.A.G.I.C. of TEC

Make Better

Through the power of your peer group, you will be confident in the impactful decisions you make for your business.

Be Held

Digging deeper into your personal and professional challenges is critical to achieving high levels of success. One-to-one executive coaching that accelerates your ability to grow strategically and overcome hurdles faster.

Grow as a

Reaching beyond what you expected, both as a person and as a leader are what TEC is all about.

Free from

As a CEO, as a leader, as an owner, you often have nowhere to turn for support.  TEC will provide you that source to help make better decisions, with the input of a vested group of leaders from a variety of industries.

Change is

Dealing with change is a challenge.  With a group of skilled individuals all working to support your interests, coping with the extreme changes in the economy, your business, and your professional life is a little bit easier.

How we Deliver: Our Four Pillars

Group Meetings

provide a safe and stimulating environment to accelerate personal and professional growth. Members work together with the help of a professionally trained and accomplished Chair to give feedback and find creative solutions. It’s like having your own personal board of advisors.

Executive Coaching

is a critical element to achieving high levels of success. During these individual sessions with their Chair, members become increasingly accountable for overcoming personal and professional barriers.


allows TEC Canada to infuse group meetings with fresh thinking through exclusive access to over 1,000 expert speakers. We bridge the gap between theory and practice to solve real world demands with MBA-calibre knowledge that’s ready to be implemented.


helps members expand their business connections through the power of our global affiliation with Vistage Worldwide. This network gives TEC members a gateway to a worldwide community of over 45,000+ passionate business leaders.

Become A Chair

As part of a select group of bold individuals who have achieved credibility through first-hand business experience, you are able to champion the growth of leaders. Being a TEC Chair is an opportunity to give back while continuing to earn a comfortable living.

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Become A Member

Becoming a TEC member can be transformational. Our proven program of peer advisory groups, one-to-one coaching, expert speakers, fast-paced learning and global network all provide a lasting impact. Not just on your business, but on your life. Your ability to deal with fast-paced change will accelerate. Your decision-making will become more decisive. You’ll be a better leader.

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Executive Programs



The TEC CEO group is designed for CEOs, presidents, owners, and leaders of large enterprises with a vision and drive for developing sustainable businesses in our global economy. Connection in this group will help you champion innovation and collaboration within your organization while strengthening your leadership skills.

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KEY Executive


The KEY Executive group is devised for senior executives that want to become outstanding leaders and CEOs. We help improve your personal performance, broaden your network and build the skills necessary to surpass your personal and business limitations. This group will push your leadership abilities to get you to the next level.

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TEC Small Business


The TEC Small Business group is designed exclusively for results-driven leaders. Your resources are stretched, competition is fierce and you face new challenges every day. This is the perfect solution for the business owner who finds themselves working in the business far more than they are working on the business.

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TEC Advancing Leaders


The TEC Advancing Leaders Program is purposefully designed to support professional growth for experienced leaders, advancing managers, and high-potential individuals by enhancing strategic thinking, communication, and collaboration to achieve better results at every level from the top to the bottom line.

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Member Stories

Becoming a TEC member can be transformational. Not just on your business, but on your life. But don’t just take our word for it.
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Share your passion and breadth of knowledge with Canada’s top leaders.

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For over 35 years, TEC’s proven process has helped over 25,000 Canadian executives and owners become better leaders. Explore who could be sitting at your table.

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