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When you join TEC Canada, you become a part of the global TEC and Vistage International network which includes over 23,000 business leaders worldwide.

As the world’s leading executive leadership organization, TEC and Vistage have more than 800 Executive Chairs providing business mentorship and leading peer advisory groups in cities across the globe from New York to Buenos Aires, from Shanghai to Sydney and from South Africa to Canada.

As a TEC Canada Member, you can connect with local and international business leaders, via your TEC peer group and through the TEC Networks platform. You can engage people from within your global industry or gain real insights from other members who share your business interests, i.e., financial services, manufacturing or technology.

There are 22 global networks for Members and Chairs to discuss:

  • best practices
  • work through issues
  • gain new perspectives
  • forge meaningful business and personal connections

Through the TEC Canada online platform, you can engage with any and every TEC/Vistage Member, Chair and Speaker from across the globe.

It’s a world of experience at your fingertips.

Global Network

Our Networks

A trusted global community of like-minded peers

TEC’s Networks Platform gives members an easy way to leverage the expertise of peers around the world who share the same industry, affiliation, or area of interest – allowing them to maximize the value of TEC.

The variety of available Networks offers a way to be even more thorough in pursuit of the timely insights needed to make the right decisions for your business.

It’s incredibly powerful when a member can immediately access the advice of TEC and Vistage peers across the globe. Networks are a means of going beyond the group to take full advantage of TEC Canada’s diversely talented membership.

With Networks, members can:

  • Get timely advice on their most pressing business challenges
  • Gain an invitation to unique events featuring topical content
  • Share global perspectives to strengthen their leadership
  • Access curated online content to optimize business practices
  • Connect online and in person to drive their business forward

Construction Network

Deal Network

Diversity Network

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Network

Family Business Network

Financial Services Network

Global Business Network

Golf Network

Healthcare Network

Legislation and Government Policy Network

Logistics, Distribution and Transportation Network

Manufacturing Network

Marketing and Media Network

Non-Profit Network

Professional Services Network

Purpose-Driven Business Network

Real Estate Network

Talent Strategies Network

Technology Network

Travel, Food and Wine Network

Wholesale and Retail Network

Women in Leadership Network

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Co-Founder and COO, Media One Creative

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