TEC Canada Chair Razina Visram

Razina Visram

Calgary, AB

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As global leader and public speaker, Razina Visram is a highly accomplished CEO and entrepreneur, with over 25 years in professional services where she has worked in multiple industries from utility, mining, energy, IT and others. She leverages her extensive experience in coaching and consulting with an emphasis on managing change.

In 2003, Razina founded Cocentric Solutions Inc., a boutique management consulting and coaching company where she understands the pressures of delivering results while managing risk effectively. Her change management expertise has successfully impacted stakeholders in groups ranging from 10 to as many as 90,000 employees on a single project which not only achieved project objectives but also reduced silos leading to cost efficiencies, employee cohesiveness and brand alignment for the organization.

Celebrating 15 years in business with Cocentric has taught Razina to let go at times and allow the situation to unfold. This was never truer than in 2018 when she successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro supporting WaterAid. “My goal was to get into shape and make donors proud by reaching the summit. Instead, it was a powerful personal lesson on trust and surrendering to the presence of the unknown of each moment, and let it all be about the journey and not the destination.” she said.

Razina invites members who are collaborative, authentic, trusting, show integrity and enjoy life. They should be willing to be open and supportive of others while showing vulnerability with their own leadership.

TEC Group Vision

I want to inspire members to collaborate in an authentic supportive environment while experiencing the power of vulnerability with their own leadership and have fun while achieving impossible futures.

“Working with CEOs and business leaders in their world of possibilities, supporting them to make it a reality, and inspiring seemingly impossible futures.”


• Razina is a graduate from the University of Alberta with a Business Degree
• She believes in life long learning ; she also holds an MBA from Queens University and is a Certified Executive Coach.
• She is passionate about her community and devoted supporter of several charitable organizations (ex. CUPS & WaterAid)
• In her spare time, she is a competitive golfer in amateur tournaments and a yoga enthusiast.