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TEC Canada Chair Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy Harvey

TEC Small Business Chair
Mississauga / Toronto,  ON

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Jeremy studied History at St. John’s College Oxford University in England. While there he learned how to evaluate disparate sources of information to form his own informed view. Jeremy believes this skill has proved invaluable in his business career.

He discovered his passion for both marketing and strategy working with major multi-nationals Unilever and Reckitt & Colman. Jeremy became head of marketing for a key European division of Reckitt & Colman. Seeking more, Jeremy started his own strategic and marketing consultancy. He relocated to North America to participate in marketing a new natural ingredient business selling to food processors. Within three to four years, the Braes Group had successful production units in UK, Europe and North America with approximately $50 million in sales. Jeremy has also worked across cultures and business types in Europe, North America, the Middle East and India. He is now firmly convinced that key issues facing businesses are fundamentally similar.

Over his career, Jeremy believes he has been fortunate to have had mentors who have helped him discover and tap into capabilities that he was not even aware he had. He is now dedicated to uncovering capabilities in others to mutually enrich their lives and businesses.

TEC Group Vision

Jeremy seeks to create a diverse group with willingness to share personal or business issues as well as listen to and absorb new thoughts and approaches. He likens his group to a family, fractious at times but ultimately totally supportive of each other. He hopes to draw support from their unique expertise and capabilities.

He mentors others by seeking to understand their desires for themselves and their businesses. Jeremy supports achieving those desires by broad suggestion and holding them accountable for trying to achieve their objectives.


• Married to Rachel for twenty years
• Enjoys visits from nieces and nephews who are scattered over four continents
• Enjoys learning more about wine, being prepared to seek out something new and evaluating it against old favorites
• A fervent but frustrated supporter of his childhood soccer team (Reading FC) and also of the Toronto Maple Leafs