Marc Blais was recognized with the 2022 Chair Excellence Award. For more information on our 2022 Chair Awards, please click here

Marc Blais

TEC Canada CEO Chair
Montreal, QC

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Marc Blais is a natural when it comes to coaching, and he’s passionate about helping business leaders break down deadlocks when many believe it is impossible. He is at his best when he helps a business owner achieve their dreams.

During his career, Marc has advised many business leaders in several sectors, primarily in mining and education. He has held senior executive positions in listed companies for more than two decades in the mining industry and has also been president and a board member of numerous organizations in the education field. Additionally, Marc has secured financing for publicly-traded companies in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. His diverse experiences empower him to not only tackle issues from all angles, but to anticipate issues and make organizational shifts.

Marc is known for his ability to transform organizations financially and culturally to solve their challenges. Through a deep understanding of organizational leadership, Marc inspires business professionals to utilize collective intelligence for personal and professional success. Marc’s experiences as CEO have made him realize how deeply isolated leaders are emotionally and professionally. He believes having someone you trust who can support you in times of great uncertainty is invaluable.

TEC Group Vision

As TEC Chair, Marc’s group vision is to build a team of CEOs that want to go faster and further than they have ever imagined possible.


  • CPA
  • Expertise in organizational transformations
  • Speaker and author of two books in personal finance, investment, global economy and personal development
  • Chairman of the Board (2014-2018) and Board member of Collège André-Grasset since 2013
  • Trilingual (French, English and Spanish)
  • Enjoys wine, travel and nature