Erik Gingles

Erik Gingles

TEC Small Business Chair
Moncton, NB



Erik Gingles is a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to see business leaders succeed. He is a pragmatic dreamer with a growth-oriented mindset and brings a collaborative approach to guiding business owners by helping them identify creative solutions to overcome obstacles, thereby turning perceived disadvantages into valuable opportunities.

As the founder of the pioneering mobile live streaming app, gingle, Erik played a key role in creating the blueprint for today’s digital media marketing, content creation, and social media engagement. He has also authored books, hosted TV shows, raced mountain bikes semi-professionally, was a Story Producer for a Discovery Channel series, and founded an online video news magazine. All of these collective experiences have given him a unique perspective and valuable insights into different industries and business models.

Erik’s ability to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape and thrive in different fields is a testament to his entrepreneurial mindset. He excels when tasked to find solutions to obstacles, which is precisely what his members can expect from him at every peer group meeting.

As a community builder, Erik places a premium on openness, honesty, and inclusivity. His TEC Small Business group creates a collaborative environment that leverages everyone’s unique qualities for greater success. As a TEC Chair, Erik is committed to empowering business owners in New Brunswick and using his experience and passion to keep his members inspired, engaged, and continuously learning through the power of peer advisory.

TEC Group Vision

We believe that when we combine our collective knowledge and expertise, we can create a powerful force for change that benefits not only our businesses but also the community as a whole.


  • Member on the Board of Directors for the Salvus Clinic, an organization serving those surviving and experiencing homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and substance use.
  • Taught English as a second language to employees of Fuji Electric Company in Japan during 1990-1999, an experience that gave him a profound appreciation for Japan and different cultures in general.
  • Erik is exceptionally proud of his family and the beautiful human beings he and his wife have raised.