Chair Profile: Andrew Reif

June 28th, 2018|Chair Profiles|

Andrew Reif

Edmonton, AB

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Andrew Reif is a future-oriented leader whose global worldview and strategic experience give him a unique capacity for helping ambitious entrepreneurs accelerate their business to the next level – whether locally or internationally. In his diverse career as an engineer, business consultant, and senior executive he has led organizations with a $1 billion sales pipeline and managed international teams serving customers in over 25 countries. He thrives on complexity and has a reputation for capable implementation and execution in competitive markets.

Andrew’s education in leadership began at the Royal Military College of Canada, where he studied electrical engineering, served as a commissioned officer, and graduated from the prestigious USAF Test Pilot School. From here he transitioned into a succession of senior executive roles with major international companies, including CAE, SPAR Aerospace, L-3 Communications, and QinetiQ. At QinetiQ, he led organizational change and a team that delivered products and services to governments and leading aerospace firms. Along the way, Andrew also gained experience managing high-level, B2B and B2G sales campaigns. He completed graduate studies in executive management at the Alberta School of Business.

Andrew founded Alopex Management Consulting a few years ago to deliver leadership development and strategic, innovation, and risk management advice as well as international B2B and B2G marketing assistance. A key theme in his career has been innovation and creativity, which consists of “connecting the dots in unique ways and challenging assumptions about the business.” He is also adept at leveraging employee engagement and utilizing creative partnerships to stay competitive.

Now he is bringing his broad range of experience to the role of TEC Chair, helping TEC CEO members in pushing the envelope, not only personally, but in terms of their business model, to reach new levels of performance excellence.

TEC Group Vision

Andrew’s background will particularly suit leaders of medium to large-sized companies seeking to expand their business internationally. Andrew’s goal is to help members move their companies beyond where they are today to a long-term vision of the future, one which develops beyond a boom-bust cycle. Members will improve their self-evaluation skills and participate in a rich array of new experiences that challenge them on every level, with the goal of enhancing their lives and those of the people around them.


Andrew is married to Terry, a sports medicine physician. They have two children in university, both of whom enjoy competitive sports. They also have two Retrievers. Andrew enjoys traveling internationally to experience different cultures, their history, and to learn about how others view the world.

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