Chair Profile: Greg Lingelbach

June 29th, 2018|Chair Profiles|

Greg Lingelbach

TEC Canada Small Business Chair
Calgary, AB

“Your employees will only care how much you know when they know how much you care.”

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Greg Lingelbach began leading others at twenty-one as an electrician whose ability to gain the respect of those around him became apparent to his managers and mentors early on. Greg has a passion for learning and has reinvented himself on his own initiative throughout his career. After returning to school to obtain his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, this people-focused professional went on to leadership positions at Suncor and TransAlta, rising to the level of Director of Plant Operations in Fort McMurray.

In his energy-related roles, Greg has been responsible for the entirety of utilities for Suncor/TransAlta. He led teams of hundreds of staff and consultants, re-organized and drove change to operational processes, and assumed responsibility for $100 million annual budgets. He is very proud to have played a key role in creating a higher culture of safety at Suncor, for which the Alberta Petrochemical Safety Council recognized him through the OH&S Award of the Year. It was during this time that he realized his natural tendencies towards servant and situational leadership. He demonstrated a fierce commitment to the individual growth of his team members, utilizing coaching and human capital tools to inspire them to achieve extraordinary results.

Greg re-invented himself yet again when he decided to leave behind the role of an executive with a large corporation and become an entrepreneur. He became a reliability consultant, eventually joining the firm of ACM Facility Services, which provides process risk and safety-related engineering services to oil, gas, chemical processors, and facility design firms. He became President of ACM in 2012 and proceeded to execute a growth strategy that resulted in the tripling of company revenues and a renewed culture of innovation, passion and commitment. Along the way, he became a TEC member, which inspired him to re-invent himself yet again. Now he is turning his gift for “lighting a fire in people” to the role of TEC Small Business Chair.

TEC Group Vision

Greg believes that the Golden Rule to success as a leader is that “Your employees will only care how much you know when they know how much you care.” He welcomes a diversity of small business members with a passion for innovation and creativity who are intent on making a difference in their own lives and in those of their employees, families and communities. As a Royal Roads Certified Executive Coach, Greg blends his years of practical experience and coaching expertise to bring out the very best in individuals and teams.


  • Greg is married to Joan, Vice Principal in the Catholic School Division, and they live in Calgary
  • Greg and Joan have four adult children: Christian, Dana, Candice and Mark
  • Greg enjoys outdoor pursuits, weight training and has many hobbies and pastimes
  • He plays the trumpet, dabbles with banjo, and enjoys attending the theatre
  • Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a family priority
  • Greg also commits time to community outreach and mentoring young leaders, both in business and in his church

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