Gord Moker

Gord Moker

TEC Small Business Chair
Regina, SK

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Few are able to motivate teams and help results-driven leaders realize their highest personal and professional potential like Gord Moker. With a notable leadership career that has spanned nearly 45 years across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, Gord is an advocate for the power that stems from effective collaboration, company-wide enthusiasm, and genuine and meaningful connections among teams.

Gord’s professional career began as a manager with HSBC Bank, where he learned that strong financial health is an integral part of growing – and sustaining – a successful business. This experience expertly prepared him for his succeeding role as the President of Moker Farm Products Ltd, a family business that was acknowledged for business growth and exemplary customer service, and as Revenue & Research Team Leader at the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board, where he built and managed high-performing teams to regularly exceed customer service targets and create relationships with the workers, employers and the people of Saskatchewan.

In 2005, Gord accepted the role of CEO at Safe Saskatchewan Inc. – a Canadian-based not-for-profit that is dedicated to eliminating unintentional injuries in Saskatchewan. As CEO, Gord was responsible for the collaborative development of comprehensive provincial injury-prevention strategies. He was also instrumental in influencing over 650 leaders to support the continuous improvement of healthy and safe workplaces and communities by signing the Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership Charter and committing to its principles.

Throughout his career, Gord has been consistently recognized for his business development and customer service achievements. As a TEC Canada Chair, his vast experience, and reputation for leading the strategic decisions that inspire long-term growth empowers his members to accelerate their development, bolster their organization’s financial health, and enhance the well-being and productivity of every employee.

TEC Group Vision

We are a diverse group of small business leaders who share common values and recognize that our differences are essential to the group’s power of perspective. Members of our group leverage a safe environment and enter into deep conversations that yield positive personal and professional outcomes. Guided by a culture of accountability that is shared among us, we drive ourselves – and each other – to be better leaders.


  • He and his wife Val have two grown children, a grandson, and a furry friend.
  • Enjoys gardening, yard work, and spending quality time with family and friends.
  • Has a passion for performing four-part acapella harmony in the Barbershop Style, and making a difference in the lives of others through the transformative power of music.