Mathew Lafrance

Ottawa, ON



Mathew Lafrance is a visionary entrepreneur and business leader. At 18 years old, he founded Grade A, a cyber security and IT services firm that quickly gained recognition for its robust corporate culture, strong core values, and ability to inspire staff engagement to deliver exceptional customer service and sustainable growth.

In his role as CEO, Mathew and his team scaled the business from a modest 4 to 265 staff over the course of a storied 20-year career. His passion for employee development, lifelong learning, and servant leadership style, have helped him create an organization that achieved best-in-class performance and earned widespread industry acclaim.

Throughout his career, he remained a steadfast member of TEC Canada, where he found invaluable support and guidance from his peer group in navigating the complex challenges of business while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

After successfully selling Grade A to a Private Equity firm and spearheading multiple M&A acquisitions throughout Canada and the US, Mathew decided to step down as CEO to pursue his passion – coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and CEOs. Today, Mathew is a trusted mentor, guiding others on their own entrepreneurial and leadership journeys, and actively contributing his expertise as a board member for numerous organizations. Now as a TEC Chair, Mathew leverages his vast experience to foster an environment of trust and camaraderie within his peer advisory group. His primary objective is to empower each member to push their boundaries, to think bigger, work smarter, and laugh along the way.

TEC Group Vision

To build an environment that fosters trust so we can share openly and honestly, laugh together, and motivate each other to achieve our personal and professional goals.


  • Mathew is an Ottawa native and lives with his loving wife and three dynamic children.
  • Is a Computer Systems Engineer graduate from Carleton University, where he helped start the Entrepreneurial Co-op Program.
  • In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, squash, and golf.
  • He is passionate about adventure and loves water sports and travelling abroad.
  • Is an Active Venture Capitalist and Private Equity investor, having invested in many successful start-ups.
  • Mathew has coached and mentored over 100 intra/entrepreneurs.