Suzie Beaudoin

TEC Small Business Chair
Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel / Montreal, QC

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Suzie Beaudoin carries a lifelong desire to create and share. She is committed to inspire organizations and people to be the best they could be, optimizing their natural skillset and leveraging their untapped potential! Over the last few decades, she’s acquired an array of experience, processes and methodologies, both as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur.

Suzie has a rather atypical path, to say the least: from a long career as a Product Manager in the IT world for a Fortune 500 company, to a Sale Channel Development Manager, to a Marketing Manager, and in between, owning her own Fishing Tackle company. When you look closer, however, you can fully distinguish the strong guiding thread she followed over the years: her passion and commitment for customer and business development. To her, in-depth self-awareness, understanding and an acute knowledge of your target customers is key to a stronger relationship and will lead to personal development.

As founder of her own business mentoring and PNL coaching firm, she has been providing these strategic success principles through one-to-one coaching since 2004, as well as marketing and business development workshops and conferences to SMB owners and CEOs. As a TEC Chair, Suzie will stress the importance of active listening to get to the root of any issues and will strengthen business leaders in their strategic development.

TEC Group Vision

“As Chair, my personal mission is to elevate SMB owners’ capacities and resources to achieve personal excellence and maximize their impact as business leaders. By creating a strong cohesive group of capable individuals, we can grow in our businesses, with our peers and within.”


• Lives in the Montérégie region just outside of Montreal, Quebec
• A mother of 2 young adults and stepmom to 4
• Loves cooking, trekking and running, with three
10 KM and two half-marathons completed
• Committed to the rise of woman entrepreneurs through her involvement with RFAQ, RJFAQ and Femmessor as Expert in Entrepreneurship and potential catalyst