Lindsay McMurray was recognized with the 2022 TEC Master Chair Award and Chair Excellence Award. For more information on our 2022 Chair Awards, please click here

Lindsay McMurray

Toronto and Area

“To me, leadership is understanding who you are, knowing how you show up and being aware of the impact that you make. If you understand this, you can lead from strength and surround yourself with those that fulfill and complement your growing edges.”

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Lindsay McMurray is recognized as a seasoned Executive Coach with highly developed curiosity to help uncover and get at what’s really going on.  His mandate in life is “Helping eradicate Entrepreneurial Poverty”. Lindsay often says “Leaders get the behaviours they exhibit and Tolerate.”  He is interested in helping leaders to manage the changing dynamics of People and Systems/Processes.  He believes it is a unique skill set to balance the connection between leadership, vision, execution, and strategy, while maintaining overall direction with stakeholders.

A Serial Entrepreneur in many different industries, Lindsay has lived through the challenges of leadership. Lindsay is currently President of Keels in Motion, a consulting firm that helps people, businesses and government navigate and excel in business and technology.

As a TEC Master Chair with CEO, Small Business and KEY groups, Lindsay brings a deep commitment to helping those he works with. His approach is a balance of coaching and mentoring that identifies the root challenges his clients are facing in either Skillset or Mindset.

TEC Group Vision

“It’s my commitment to make sure you have what you need to grow and develop as a leader on every level – personally and professionally.”


  • Lives in Toronto with his wife, Liza and they have two children (Quinn and Grayson)
  • Competitive sailor and squash player