Chair Profile: Dr. Steve Marks

June 27th, 2018|Chair Profiles|

Dr. Steve Marks

TEC Canada KEY Chair
Vancouver, BC

“Human relationships are critical both professionally and personally. In the workplace, strong team relationships lead to greater work satisfaction for the individual and increased productivity for the company. The benefits of strong relationships outside the office environment are even more important to achieving a happy, healthy, successful life.”

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When an exceptional teacher meets with students craving knowledge, extraordinary learning can happen.

Dr. Steve Marks is a dedicated leader who has earned a reputation for creating outstanding learning experiences. His TEC group members attribute much of their success to Steve’s mentorship, saying he challenges them to create sustainable, successful enterprises.

Steve has 23 years of university teaching experience and an MA and PhD in Counselling Psychology and Personnel and Industrial Management. His professional focus is in human resources and Steve advocates relationship building and strong communication of corporate values within an organization. Commitment in these two areas, he believes, brings out the best in teams.

“Sharing his skills and expertise, Steve has led his group members to achieve far-reaching success, both personally and professionally.”

Highly regarded as a great listener and a superb storyteller, Steve delivers relevant lessons in a manner that is humorous, thoughtful and genuine.

He is a skilled strategic planner and easily shares his vast expertise in the area of team building. He has led in the organizational development of a number of companies including Morningstar Homes Limited, Evergro Canada Limited, Eagle West Truck & Crane Inc., Cartel Communications, the Yukon Public Service Commission and K-TEC Earthmovers Ltd.

As a TEC Chair, Steve is a pioneer, having formed the inaugural Vancouver group in 1987. Since that time, he spearheaded the KEY executive program in 1992 and in 2012 was awarded the TEC Red Shoe Award in recognition of his boldness, courage, out-of-the-box thinking and ability to take advantage of new opportunities. Steve is a committed and sought-after leader in the TEC organization and now leads four KEY executive groups. In 2012, he celebrated his 25th TEC anniversary.

TEC Group Vision

The best learning environment is one that first provides foundational ideas and then encourages the opinions and perspectives of the group. It’s important to challenge individuals to ask “what’s right, right now?”


  • Associate Professor Emeritus, UBC
  • MA, PhD in Counselling Psychology & Personnel & Industrial Management, University of Oregon
  • Past President, BC Psychological Association

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