Linda Martin, TEC Chair

Linda Martin

Toronto, ON

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Linda Martin has worked in high-growth environments across multiple industries and has managed over 50 countries. She understands today’s challenges of leading culture & strategy in a globally interconnected, volatile world. She has over 20 years of executive leadership experience, which includes co-leading a privately-held company and driving its’ revenue from $50M to $250M in three years.

Linda is passionate about helping leaders create a culture of teamwork — and teams of teams — that think differently to grow, and adapt to complex changing environments while experiencing a sense of well-being.

Linda was voted one of the Top 20 Leadership Team coaches in North America and has won numerous leadership team awards as a senior executive in global firms. Among Linda’s accomplishments, she advises renowned institutions such as Forbes and Harvard Business Review on how to enable teams to unlock growth. Now as a TEC Chair, the members of Linda’s TEC CEO group can look forward to experiencing the rewards that come with her track record of maximizing both business growth/profitability, and executive growth and impact.

TEC Group Vision

We know that the days of individual leadership and CEO heroics are over. Together, we will create a team of Canada’s top business leaders in the fast-growth, mid-sized, privately held space. Our blind spots will be reduced and as aware leaders, we will create companies with high-performing teams, where explosive personal and professional growth is ours – because “Together is Better”.


  • Linda comes from a large family (9) where her interest in teams began. She is proud of her Canadian roots reaching back to the 1830s.
  • Married for 22 years, she lives in Toronto and has one son at university studying Business / Computer Science.
  • Linda seeks energy from connecting with nature and is frequently running, and hiking – as well as Alpine and Nordic skiing.