Wilfred Ovedhe TEC Canada Chair

Wilfred Ovedhe

TEC Small Business Chair
Calgary, AB

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Wilfred Ovedhe’s professional journey started with running his family’s poultry business as a child, giving him valuable business skills to self-fund his college education later in life by owning one of the most popular Pool Houses in the city. To this day, Wilfred continues to pursue different entrepreneurial endeavors.

As a well-travelled Field Engineer and Research Specialist in the oil and gas industry, his unique understanding of human behaviour, systems, and processes has served him well, giving him real-world experience of how businesses of all sizes reach success.

As a holder of two master’s degrees from The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Wilfred’s greatest academic accomplishment was graduating with a Master of Science in Management with Distinction. Committed to being a lifelong learner, Wilfred recently graduated with an advanced diploma in Personal, Leadership, and Executive Coaching, and has coaching accreditations from the ICF (ACC) and EMCC Global (Practitioner Level).

While he has other commendable achievements in the fields of Data Analysis and Research Engineering—including becoming a co-author of a USA Patent application that resulted in a multi million-dollar service contract—Wilfred’s natural ability to understand people and connect the dots remain at the core of his strengths.

In his previous role as a Research Specialist, Wilfred managed key research projects and interpreted research results and data analytics to advise top executives on the best way forward. He has subsequently transferred those skills into his current management role where he works with leaders and executives to analyze circumstances and help them make the best decisions for the future of their organizations.

This experience paired with his time-honored commitment to running and growing businesses, allows members of his TSB Group to receive a personalized journey of growth, rich with real-world wisdom.

“Because business management, strategy development, program facilitation, and coaching all come so natural to me, I strongly believe that, given the right opportunity, I have the potential to impart the fields of management and behavioral science in a way that would benefit humanity for a very long time.” – Wilfred Ovedhe

TEC Group Vision

To build a team of likeminded members with big visions and gigantic life goals and targets; the nature of which has been known to disrupt industries, create trail blazers, and position organizations at the pinnacle of their industries on a global scale. We continue to grow and stay competitive by bringing visions to life!

I have always been about helping people to accomplish that big dream that keeps them up at night, and I realized early in life that these dreams can come true with the right help. Being a TEC Chair gives me fulfilment in life by utilizing TEC’s well proven and extremely successful platform to help leaders, CEOs, and business owners find their purpose.


  • Enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, taking walks around the neighborhood, playing games at a game center, and going to the cinema to watch movies.
  • Listens to country music to relax and be inspired to dream big, work hard, appreciate life, and help people.
  • Happily married and a proud father to three amazing kids.