Vaneet Khurana

Adriana Villasenor

Toronto, ON



Adriana Villasenor understands the increasing challenges faced by top-level executives in organizations, including the pressures to drive profitability and growth, lead result-driven teams, make informed decisions, and balance strategy and operations. She recognizes that these are areas where CEOs often turn to their peer advisory group for support and solutions. Adriana is passionate about serving as a TEC Chair and coach for such a group, where she can help bring together talented and intelligent leaders and see them thrive.

Adriana is an experienced business leader with over 30 years in the retail, manufacturing, and consulting industries. She has worked for two of the biggest and most successful retailers in the world, IKEA and Wal-Mart, where she helped to drive new revenue streams and recurring annual savings through the development and implementation of innovative strategies, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Supply Management Association of Ontario.

Adriana has a broad range of experience, including consulting, global sourcing, buying and procurement, supply chain management, product development, project management, operations, and marketing. Her diverse background, coupled with her executive experience, enables her to offer a unique perspective and develop innovative and tailored ideas that drive success in a highly competitive global market.

Adriana has several achievements to her name, including developing sourcing strategies worth over $360 million, some of these strategies resulted in over $6 million in annual savings by achieving the most competitive prices worldwide, and helping retailers increase sales through innovative products worth over $10 million in annual revenue. She holds an MBA, and a MSc in Global Textile Marketing, as well as multiple diplomas in areas such as marketing, restaurant business administration, and project assessments for investments. Additionally, she is a certified Supply Chain Management Professional and has been recognized as the highest achiever in a national exam. Currently, Adriana is working towards a coaching certification.

TEC Group Vision

Brilliant outcomes can result from assembling a well-chosen advisory group. By selecting individuals who possess a growth mindset, a desire to give back to others, and a sense of accountability combined with a team spirit, the potential for success is significantly increased. Additionally, incorporating members
with varying backgrounds and expertise from diverse industries into a mastermind group can lead to an exponential increase in both personal and professional fulfilment.


  • A talent for mentoring entrepreneurs.
  • Adriana finds energy in a variety of activities, such as enjoying nature, exercising, and spending meaningful moments with family and friends.
  • Has a passion for helping women discover and connect their inner and outer beauty.