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Debrief to Win – Building Leaders Who Can Lead in the “Now”

“Get ready for an insider look into the world of performance teams. Begin to understand why these kinds of teams can bounce back from failure while building the bonds of trust, achieving high levels of performance along the way, and learning always. Discover why we should look to the high-performance team world to build the kinds of teams that are needed today, as well as what it takes to lead in a way that drives engagement, buy-in, commitment, and performance.” – Robert “Cujo” Teschner, CEO at VMax Group



There’s a reason why Robert “Cujo” Teschner is extremely in demand and is on the road speaking almost every week of the year: he delivers an emotionally charged, moving message. His message is centred on building real teams in both the professional and family domains in a way that is immediately ACTIONABLE, and massively TRANSFORMATIVE. He encourages action and offers a simple and executable flight path to stronger teams in all domains…and leaves his audiences moved and motivated to DO SOMETHING WITH THE TIME THEY’VE SHARED. His message is inspired by his Purpose: To teach and inspire REAL TEAMWORK so that teams THRIVE IN DISRUPTION to KEEP THE ECONOMY STRONG. Even in the face of non-stop, overlapping disruption. Even in a world of excuses, deflection, victimhood and blame. Even at a time when every day seems darker than the previous.

Cujo is a successful entrepreneur, a multiple-award-winning speaker and writer, and a sought-after consultant.

Three things you should know about Cujo:

  • He’s an entrepreneur, first and foremost, who deeply appreciates the role small business plays in their economy.
  • He’s the current Vistage Speaker of the Year (#1 out of around 900 speakers), and his expanding team of fighter pilot instructors teach through Vistage/TEC Canada, in government, and in industry to help organizations win by building teams that harness high-performance team principles.
  • Cujo is a classically trained violin and piano player who also loves the bass guitar. He’s authored or co-authored three national bestselling books. He’s working hard now so that he can teach his children to fly what will eventually be the family P-51 “Mustang.” Cujo has spoken to more than 450 groups of leaders over the past five years.

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