How to Segment Your Customers for Business Focus and Profitability


Although 100% of business owners and executives say customer segmentation is very important to the success of their business, less than 15% are happy with their segmentation efforts. In this previously-recorded webinar featuring you will learn from a world authority on how to segment your customers in a straightforward, easy-to-implement fashion.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Preparing Your Business for Transition


Looking to gain an advanced understanding of valuation and merger & acquisition (M&A) techniques? Kevin Shaw – Senior Vice President at Renaissance Mergers & Acquisitions – explains the art and science of valuation so that you can embark on a sale process with a value expectation based on appropriate valuation concepts.

“Selling High-Value Services Virtually”

|COVID-19, Webinars|

If you are still stuck feeling that an entire sales cycle via webcam is painful and distorted, this presentation led by Kim Orlesky will depict how webcam sales meetings actually allow you to converse with more prospects, host laser-focused discussions, and close deals in less time. Watch this recording now to become equipped and ready to connect faster with profitable clients who are ready to buy with virtual handshakes.

“The Reputation Brand: Better Brand & Communications to Become Reputation Rich”


In this webinar, attendees will assess if their communications are contributing to their credibility and overall reputation, or negatively impacting their reputation and brand. Complete with real examples, Adam Hartung will present examples from recent news events and other sources to ensure each attendee leaves with a thorough understanding of reputation bank deposits and withdrawals – as well as the implications.

Canadians and COVID-19: A Fresh Snapshot of Public Opinion and Behaviours


Curbside service, hybrid work environments, migration from downtown spaces; what trends and attitudes will stick from here on out? Led by David Coletto, TEC member and CEO of Abacus Data, a leading market research firm, this webinar will provide exclusive access to public opinion data of how attitudes have evolved throughout the pandemic.