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Drafting Policies for Maximum Employee Engagement

Too often, organizational leaders grapple with the challenges of compliance without fully addressing the nuances of policy creation. In this engaging webinar, Lewis Eisen—Principal of Perfect Policies—sheds light on the often-overlooked cultural dimensions of policy drafting, emphasizing the importance of tone, positive messaging, and alignment with corporate values. While C-Suite leaders meticulously focus on the accuracy of policy content, the strategic advantage of well-crafted policies goes beyond mere enforcement—they become powerful tools to foster support across the entire organization.

Discover the strategic advantages of policies that extend beyond mere compliance. Learn how well-crafted policies can positively influence corporate culture, increase buy-in, and enhance engagement from both employees and customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on policies’ pivotal role in shaping your business’s success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uncover the cultural dimensions of policy drafting.
  • Discover why the wording of your organization’s policies can unintentionally reveal its internal problems, revealing some “dirty laundry” that you likely don’t want to publicize.
  • Why your rule-making dynamic needs to shift from Parent–Child to Adult–Adult.

Don’t miss this interactive session that promises to transform your approach to policy-to-policy making and its impact on organizational success. Press play below!


Lewis Eisen Principal, Perfect Policies

Lewis Eisen is the developer of the Perfect Policies™ approach to using respectful language in policy drafting, which has influenced organizations in countries around the world. His Amazon international bestseller **Rules: How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow**, is now in its third edition and is also available in French. Drawing on 40 years of combined experience as a practising lawyer, business consultant, and federal civil servant, Lewis runs workshops on drafting policies to maximize engagement.

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