Who is Jared Morrison? Meet the COO and President of Alta West Capital

Not one to follow the crowd, Jared Morrison has always forged his own path. He first seeks to understand himself, then relies on that knowledge. Forward-looking in nature, Jared’s journey began in Auckland, New Zealand, and then migrated across the world to Calgary, Alberta – gaining 30 years of banking experience and business-to-business sales expertise along the way.

When Jared became a bank manager in his hometown at the age of 26, he disliked seeing the upper limits of his professional career so soon. It was his pivot to selling Interac terminals that led to corporate sales positions, and then a subsequent role with Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.  When Alta West Capital became an account of his at Konica Minolta, Jared was reacquainted with his passion for being a mortgage service provider during his banking days. It wasn’t long before Jared joined Alta West Capital. After nearly a decade of helping clients achieve their financial goals, Jared climbed the ranks to become Chief Operating Officer of Alta West Capital – and in April 2021, he has additionally appointed the role of President.

About Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation

Since 1991, Alta West Capital has been serving British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, providing flexible mortgage and lending alternatives that meet individual needs. As alternative mortgage lenders, Alta West Capital provides greater flexibility and has fewer traditional restrictions than banks.

Alta West Capital specializes in mortgages for first-time homebuyers, families that are new to Canada, and self-employed business owners. It also offers debt consolidation services, mortgage refinancing, and mortgages for second homes or investment properties.

Why Did Jared Morrison Become a TEC Canada Member?

With increased responsibility for the company’s success, Jared sought an opportunity to improve self-awareness, help drive transformational change, and be provided with challenges and support.

“When I joined TEC, I didn’t know what I was truly missing or looking for regarding my skillset. In hindsight, I surely didn’t know that I had to get better at looking after people – even as the company’s COO. Now, when I come out of a TEC meeting, whichever tools I learn from the subject-matter experts who might be facilitating a workshop or from the experiences of my fellow members, I can begin to put them into action the very next day,” said Jared.

Jared Morrison, Chief Operating Officer and President / Investment Representative / Broker and TEC Canada Member

Since Joining the 1800+ Canadian Business Executives Who Are TEC Members

Since joining TEC in 2016 and digging deeper into his personal and professional challenges, Jared breaks down the impact of his TEC membership into three categories:

  1. The Power of a Peer Group

“We tend to think, our problems are unique, that we have some crazy problems that only exist in our sphere of business. However, every single time a member brings forward an issue that we’re processing as a group, I realise how that might apply in our business, or how we’ve already dealt with a similar issue. To put it in perspective, I’m a mortgage guy, the member beside me is a dentist, and the member beside them is an engineer – but in a TEC meeting, you quickly realize that often problems boil down to some variant of people, money, and time. I might think something doesn’t apply to me, but I’m quickly reminded that it does, and every single topic is an opportunity to learn about something you know nothing about, learn more about something you know little about, or that you’re the expert and can help the group through something you know a lot about.”

  1. Speakers

“The quality of TEC speakers, thought leadership, white papers, and best practice toolkits you have access to as a TEC member are exceptional. They all keep you at the forefront of your industry, and I come away from every speaker session with tactics and tools to implement into my day-to-day at Alta West Capital.

One of the most impactful speaker sessions I’ve experienced was when Jim Canfield led a workshop during one of our TEC meetings. I keep his book – CEO Tools 2.0 – in my desk drawer at the office for its practical, actionable ideas and relevant case studies to draw upon. Whenever there’s a TEC speaker at your group meeting, it’s going to make the most of your time and is high-quality expertise.”

  1. My TEC Chair

“I’ll be honest – I didn’t like my Chair [Lori Ell] when I started TEC, and that’s because I didn’t understand how she operated. She never gives the answer. Lori makes you work for it. After a few meetings, I realized I was being challenged by her on the right things, and now? I’d classify my TEC Chair as one of the most influential people on my career. When it comes to doing what I do, Lori adds a ton of value, and with the advice she gives and the questions she asks…that’s worth the cost of TEC on its own.”

People engaged in the passionate pursuit of business excellence and leadership often wrestle with questions surrounding meaning, value, and potential. To determine their best course of action, leaders like Jared, are attracted to TEC to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Ready to explore who could be sitting at your table as a TEC member? Fill out the form below.

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