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It is no longer a conversation of if there will be a recession, but rather, what’s the timeline and cause. Economists have speculated that the on-going trade war between the U.S. and China will be the basis, however, the American consumer has yet to be hit in price fluctuation; signaling if something is going to spiral the U.S. into recession, it may be a factor(s) other than tariff confidence/price effects. Additionally, if newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson sticks to his promises to leave the EU, with or without a deal before November, the global economy is highly likely to slowdown in 2020.


  • Although Canada’s economy performed better than expected in Q2, outpacing the U.S. in fact, a lack of economic balance with the continuing slump in the oil sector gives the Canadian consumer an uncertain outlook.
  • Regional variation in Canadian housing markets paints an abstract piece: Resale/new construction activity have strengthened Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa; Toronto shows signs of improvement in existing home sales and housing pricing; the Vancouver market remains depressed and housing in Alberta continues to be bleak.


  • Consumer confidence is unshaken by the trade war; job market indicators remain positive, 4th consecutive month of strong retail sales and drop in mortgage rates has consumers rushing to lock-in lower rates.
  • Americans are saving a substantial amount of their disposable income; the ratio of saving to disposable income is 6.1%.


  • If there is further escalation in U.S./China trade war, or a ‘no deal’ on Brexit before the October deadline, expect the global economy to slowdown next year, with a high risk in global commodity pricing.



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