Tom Reimer

Toronto, ON



Tom Reimer is a leader, former professional athlete, and entrepreneur with a lifelong dedication to learning and a relentless drive for success. Throughout his career, he has managed various aspects of business building and growth, including business development, marketing, planning, budgeting, client services, relationship management, and public speaking.

Having spent nearly four decades in the financial services industry, Tom has held senior leadership positions in renowned global financial services firms. He has successfully built relationships with governments, ultra-high net worth individuals, multi-billion-dollar pensions, and large endowments and foundations, establishing himself as a trusted and influential figure in the field.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Tom enjoyed a remarkable career as a professional athlete, serving as team captain and defensive back for the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL. His experience as an athlete instilled in him the importance of teamwork, preparation, and competition, which continue to shape his approach to life and business.

As an entrepreneur, Tom founded and managed a firm dedicated to helping investment managers build and grow successful practices, delivering exceptional outcomes for their clients. His entrepreneurial journey has further enriched his understanding of business dynamics and the importance of innovation and adaptability.

In all his endeavors, Tom places great emphasis on being a supportive and collaborative team member, striving to contribute significantly to the team’s success. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to work alongside some exceptional people, benefitting from their guidance and mentorship.

As a TEC Canada Chair, he draws upon his extensive experience as a respected leader, professional athlete, and entrepreneur, inspiring others to fulfil their own personal and professional potential, fostering a culture of growth and achievement.

TEC Group Vision

We strive to be the catalyst that ignites the true potential of Canadian business leaders.


  • Tom is happily married to a beautiful woman, whom he lived just 100 yards away from in San Diego. However, fate brought them together when they both started working at the same firm in Vancouver, several years later. They are proud parents to a son who owns a construction company in Kelowna.
  • He has an honour bachelor’s degree from UBC, and has completed several executive certificates including, Marketing and New Media from UCLA, Strategy and Innovation from MIT, and is currently enrolled in the Executive Coaching program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.
  • Tom is an outdoor enthusiast, with a love for riding his motorcycle, golf, water and snow skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and paddleboarding. He is also an avid reader and loves dogs.