Avinash Singh

Rick Harris

TEC Small Business Chair
Orillia, ON





Rick Harris began his career over three decades ago, working his way up from an employee at his father’s plumbing business to creating a turnkey general contracting division. Rick then founded his own full-service plumbing and general contracting company, even returning to purchase his father’s business and expanding it with his brother to a multi-truck model that grew the company size and revenue by 50%. Along the way, he developed exceptional skills in managing, leading, and cultivating leadership while remaining humble and curious. 

Rick didn’t let his successful career in the contracting industry slow him down. After selling his shares to his family, he set his sights on a new challenge as a certified consultant, coach, and trainer. His work ethic and dedication paid off, eventually leading him to become the Head of Coaching at a multinational Canadian-based company, where he focused on driving growth and managing KPIs to achieve top-notch client satisfaction and retention. Rick was determined to carve his own path and achieve his personal goals, leading him to leave his position and start his own consulting practice. Now, as a TEC Chair, Rick is devoted to helping other business owners and entrepreneurs in Toronto, ON, reach success on their own terms. 

Rick’s perspective and expertise are valuable assets to his members who are navigating the complexities of running a successful business. His passion for building relationships and fostering a supportive community is unparalleled, and his TEC Small Business group provides a platform for leaders to learn from each other, unlock their full potential, and thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape. 

TEC Group Vision

We are a dynamic and diverse group of driven individuals who are eager to lead and hungry for success. We will cultivate a culture of openness, honesty, and vulnerability, where members are both willing to offer and accept guidance from their peers. Humility and helpfulness will be key values that we uphold, creating a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can thrive. 


  • Certified coach with the John Maxwell Team, trainer, speaker, and Lean Six Sigma professional.
  • Part of a wonderful family that includes two adult daughters, three adult stepsons, and three granddaughters. He is also fortunate to have a loving partner in his life.
  • An avid sports fan who loves to play golf (he always makes sure to bring plenty of extra golf balls with him).
  • As an unashamed Maple Leafs fan, who hopes to see them win the Stanley Cup in his lifetime.