Ashish Patel

Toronto, ON



Ashish Patel is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with a 24-year track record in fast-paced environments, including start-up growth, acquisition, and business transformation. He excels in identifying strategic opportunities, leading product development from concept to commercialization, and fostering strong customer relationships. With a unique blend of strategy, product, and technology leadership, he consistently drives revenue growth through innovation and the formation of high-performing, inclusive teams.

Ashish has held global leadership roles as the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, VP of Product Management, and Chief Architect in various companies including Architech Solutions, Grant Thornton LLP, TeraGo and the IBM Company.  Throughout his career, he has seized unique leadership opportunities, such as creating new software and cloud products generating $150MM in revenue, integrating acquisitions worth $2B, and rescuing critical situations in a $700MM outsourcing deal that restored trust with the client. Additionally, he has been actively involved in philanthropic endeavours in Malaysia and the Philippines. Most recently, Ashish has been focused on expanding Data & AI offerings for mid-market and enterprise customers in North America. He’s a board member at Gradient Ascent AI and also founded Blueshift Innovations.

Ashish firmly believes in two principles: (1) purpose-driven work ignites passion, fostering productivity and focus within organizations, and (2) having a clear focus is essential; trying to be everything to everyone leads to being nothing to no one. These principles mean the ideal member of his TEC CEO group is someone who places a high value on personal and professional growth and recognizes the transformative power that arises from the collective wisdom of their peers. For those who understand that embracing this collective knowledge catalyzes profound change and empowerment, Ashish’s table is the perfect place to find meaningful progress and success.

TEC Group Vision

We create a trustworthy and supportive environment where leaders can challenge each other to propel their businesses to new heights and achieve breakthroughs, all while living fulfilling lives. We place a high value on personal and professional growth and recognize the transformative power that arises from the collective wisdom of our peers.


  • Based in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife and two children.
  • Enjoys spending time on the golf course or riding his bicycle.
  • Passionate about Napoli-style Pizza and often shares his creations on Instagram.
  • An experienced computer software writer since the age of 14 and holds 3 US patents as an inventor.
  • Holds a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Alberta, with a focus on robotics and embedded software systems.
  • Holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, specializing in corporate strategy and finance.