Harassment in the workplace is more prevalent than you think – a recent study by Statistics Canada reported that 20% of women and 13% of men reported being harassed in the workplace in the past year. Ensuring your organization is more than compliant with HR procedures will build trust amongst colleagues in your commitment to their well-being.

This webinar is led by Janice Leroux, HR Partner with HR Performance and Results, a full-service human resources firm that works directly with organizations through a partnership approach to establish them as leading businesses in culture and employee wellness. Through Janice’s webinar, you will learn to position your organization as a safe and positive environment while learning how to effectively and efficiently deal with complaints.

Janice’s expert insights span topics including:

  • Deep understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Human Rights Code
  • Prevent harassment in the workplace – how to set up your organization so that it is an inclusive and positive environment
  • How to deal with any complaints that are made and what you must do as an employer to respond quickly and effectively

The TEC Canada Deeper Insights webinar series will equip you with the tools to strategically approach complex issues and uncertainty with confidence. Hosted by industry experts – that have a commendable business background – each webinar is focused on accelerating your ability to grow strategically and overcome hurdles faster. In addition to expert thought leadership, all webinars feature a Q&A session. This is your opportunity to insight from industry leaders and implement real solutions. View our upcoming webinars and register to attend here.

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