The relationship between diversity and profitability is undeniable – according to a 2019 McKinsey & Company study, companies who prioritized ethnic diversity in their leadership teams outperformed competitors, who placed little to no importance on diversity, by 36% in profitability. While there are numerous studies highlighting the positive relationship between diversity and profitability, creating a diverse organization is a difficult task.

This webinar will help you take the first step in achieving a fair and balanced workforce. Led by Ann Divine, Founder & CEO of Ashanti Leadership and Professional Development Services, this timely discussion has been designed to help you unlearn unconscious bias so you can make better decisions every day and when they matter the most.

Throughout this webinar, Ann Divine’s insights span topics including:

  • Complete understanding of unconscious bias – how it affects behaviour and everyday decision-making
  • Unlearn unconscious and habitual thoughts and adapt to new ways of viewing others
  • Strategies you can implement to address bias and promote diversity

The TEC Canada Deeper Insights webinar series will equip you with the tools to strategically approach complex issues and uncertainty with confidence. Hosted by industry experts – that have a commendable business background – each webinar is focused on accelerating your ability to grow strategically and overcome hurdles faster. In addition to expert thought leadership, all webinars feature a Q&A session. This is your opportunity to insight from industry leaders and implement real solutions. View our upcoming webinars and register to attend here.

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