How can you optimize your sleep for optimal health and performance? Jackie Roberge details how sleep optimization can successfully fuel a competitive edge for yourself and your team. With over 40% of men and 50% of women admitting to experiencing sleep issues, this webinar is a must-see for leaders that desire high organizational performance. Roberge’s webinar spans a wide array of insights surrounding sleep including:

» Sleep as the foundational, and often neglected pillar of health; how staying up late affects your immune system and the direct and hidden costs of sleeplessness for companies

» Strategies for getting more and deeper sleep; REM sleep – a form of overnight therapy

» Alcohol, sleeping pills, and coffee on your short-term memory

Now more than ever, companies are under enormous pressure to perform. By implementing the methods in Jackie Roberge’s “Optimize Your Sleep for Optimal Health & Performance” webinar, you and the team will be equipped for greater performance quality and effectiveness in the months to come.

Interested in downloading the accompanying PDF of the PowerPoint presentation? Download the “Optimize Your Sleep for Optimal Health & Performance” PowerPoint here.

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