Did you know that nearly 90% of job seekers place high importance on the diversity of staff when applying for a role? It’s one of several reasons that diversity should be a strategic focus for every organization, as it’s a proven approach for attracting top talent, and is correlated to improved innovation and stronger overall company culture. While the benefits of diversity are well-known, and several organizations feature language of inclusion on their website and pledge to commit to diversity, a 2019 Environics Institute study found nearly 40% of Canadians reported racial discrimination in the workplace. However, that number is expected to be dramatically higher as it doesn’t include unreported incidents – which make up the majority of incidents.

For those looking to gain deeper insights surrounding the topic of racism, press play on this timely and thought-provoking webinar led by Nathan Hall – founder and CEO of Culture Check and TEC Canada member.

During this session, viewers are challenged to put aside any discomfort that stems from discussing racism and focus on actionable solutions to cultivate more inclusive workplaces and eliminate the prevalence of racism throughout society.

Throughout “Let’s Talk About Race: The Cost of Being Colour Blind”, Nathan Hall’s expert insights span topics including:

  • Leading uncomfortable conversations – how to approach them in a constructive and effective way
  • The impact of not addressing racism in the workplace
  • Practical steps to establish your organization as an inclusive environment


Nathan Hall is the Founder & CEO of Culture Check, a business that was born out of the need to support the millions of Black, Indigenous and people of colour who experience racism in the workplace in all of its forms. Culture Check provides companies with an unfiltered view of racialized communities and its goal is to eradicate racism by creating more transparency and opportunity for safe dialogue. Nathan also currently serves as the CEO of award-winning video marketing agency Simple Story. To view more about Nathan and how he can work with your organization to drive change, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

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