In today’s turbulent, uncertain, novel, and ambiguous world where business disruption is the new norm and climate-related risks increase at an unprecedented pace, business strategy faces unparalleled pressure. In this previously-recorded webinar, business management and strategy advisors Cedric B. Robert, Daria Hobeika, and François Senez of Clearsum discuss climate leadership, its impact on organizations, and how leaders can rise to address this complex issue. 

Together, they offer an overview of climate-related physical and transition risks, including the rise of conscious stakeholders, pressure from key actors in the financial market, and the expected policy response. 

After viewing this recording, you will recognize climate-related (business) drivers and become equipped with a framework to help you see, understand, act, and validate how climate change may affect your organization. Through discussions surrounding critical business elements, you will also learn of two key components of a credible climate strategy, and how to apply these to mitigate your risks and benefit from climate-related opportunities (among others). 

Viewing this previously-recorded Deeper Insights webinar session will provide you with a better understanding of what climate change is, what you can do about it, proactively, within your organization, and uncover key competencies for the climate-ready leader. 

Press play below to watch the previously-recorded “Climate Leadership: A Strategic Imperative for Your Business” webinar led by Cedric B. Robert, Daria Hobeika, and François Senez

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