Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work with Robin Bender


This episode of The Leadership Standard podcast with host Gair Maxwell features a candid conversation with Robin Bender, Founder of Mega Health at Work.

When thinking about the future of your business, creating strategies for employee satisfaction is one of the main pillars of growth. When leadership falls short on these demands, businesses often suffer from absenteeism, challenges with employee retention, lack of motivation, and an overall unhappy work environment.

As an NCS Certified Corporate Consultant, Robin Bender and Gair Maxwell discuss how your organization can thrive by inspiring an inside-out approach to wellness and productivity. They also discuss how businesses can create a positive work environment that encourages employees to be more engaged in their jobs and life at large. Additionally, Robin provides tips for leaders who are trying to improve employee satisfaction in the workplace.


At its core, Mega Health At Work is an advocate for healthy organizations. Using a proactive top-down approach, it believes leaders can transform the productivity, overall organizational health, and growth of their business by making wellness contagious. Its evidence-based practices prove that when behavioral change is managed appropriately, leaders are motivated to be more successful and empathetic. These are qualities that are highly sought after by job-seeking employees and most importantly, they result in happy and healthy organizations. To learn more about Mega Health at Work and Robin Bender, visit its website.

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