Rohit Joshi – CEO of Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. and TEC member – is actively engaged in the top trends in secure healthcare communications. Rohit’s career as a senior executive spans more than 20 years with life science and technology companies in the USA and Canada. Throughout his career, he has repeatedly developed and executed business strategies to create scalable processes and exceed targets. Rohit’s legal background includes the use of technology for compliant communications, making him an exceptional Co-Founder and CEO to Brightsquid – as demonstrated by its continued growth.

Brightsquid: Elevating Virtual Care to New Heights

While the science of medicine continues to rapidly progress, Canada’s coordination and delivery of healthcare have advanced at a leisurely pace since the introduction of medicare in the 1950s. Although virtual care, big health data, and technology advancements can revolutionize the logistics of healthcare in Canada, patient confidentiality laws and an apprehensive attitude towards technology adoption have mainly kept health care to a face-to-face basis.

Brightsquid founder Deepak Kaura, and pediatric radiologist, needed to share sensitive patient diagnostic imagery with experts around the world – but the only way to be compliant with patient confidentiality regulations was to burn the image data to a DVD and put it in the mail. His patients needed answers faster than that. It was after this experience that the concept of Brightsquid Secure-Mail – the privacy-compliant email service that supports large file transfer with messaging between anyone – was born.

Shortly afterward, Brightsquid Co-Founder and CEO Rohit Joshi was brought onboard for his expertise in regulatory compliance and the law. Under Rohit’s leadership, Secure-Mail launched in 2009 and quickly grew to support over 30,000 healthcare practices across North America and beyond. As a leader in healthcare privacy compliance – and having a multitude of relationships that are generally inaccessible to promising new startups – Brightsquid is now partnering with niche healthcare communication companies to share its established platform and help fast-track their launch. Brightsquid’s latest partnerships have a philanthropic angle that is derived from one core purpose: positively impact the healthcare of as many people as possible by centralizing communication between all healthcare professionals and their patients.

While Brightsquid Secure-Mail was already driving a revolution within healthcare communication, its value was amplified by the recent coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 placed unprecedented demands on the healthcare industry – including how physicians could continue to support patients while minimizing face-to-face office visits. As doctors searched for alternative ways to meet and communicate with patients during the pandemic, Brightsquid made Secure-Mail available free of charge to ensure physicians were able to maintain continuity of care with their patients while supporting social distancing.

Additionally, Brightsquid’s advancements keep patients’ time and safety valued – while encouraging citizens to become more actively engaged in their healthcare and overall wellness, which is proven to improve health while reducing cost to the system. The service has now been made available for patients to sign up on their own for the first time ever through an integration with Alberta’s online patient portal – MyHealth Records.

Initially founded to accelerate healthcare and keep clinics safe, it’s apparent that Brightsquid is living their values while simultaneously helping other companies launch and pay it forward.

About BrightSquid

Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. delivers modern communications services that help healthcare teams share patient information more quickly and easily than ever before. Brightsquid offers its patient-privacy expertise to assist clinics and organizations with on-going privacy compliance in the form of Privacy Impact assessments, training, breach assessment, and reporting, and more. For more information about Brightsquid, click here.

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