The 2023 TEC Canada Speaker Awards

TEC Canada Speakers form an essential element of the TEC Canada membership experience. Guided by the insightful feedback from over 1,900 members nationwide, we are proud to spotlight these three exceptional speakers who influenced our community of Canadian business leaders the most in 2023—providing innovative ideas and strategies, and driving significant advancement for leaders and organizations alike.

Jim Harris Disruptive Innovation Speaker

TEC Top Speaker 2023 Canadian Speaker of the Year: Jim Harris

Jim Harris is one of North America’s foremost thought leaders, authors, management consultants and speakers, on AI, disruption, tech and innovation.

He has 35 years of experience as a #1 international bestselling author, thought leader, consultant and speaker. He speaks internationally at more than 60 in-person and virtual events a year on topics including artificial intelligence, disruptive innovation, digital transformation, and creating learning organizations.

“I’m proud to have been working with TEC members and chairs for more than 30 years supporting Canadian entrepreneurs! Receiving this award is a profound privilege. A staggering 99.8% of all Canadian companies are small and medium sized businesses. They are the engines of growth of the Canadian economy and I take immense pride in playing a role in TEC Canada members’ success!” 

-Jim Harris

TEC Rookie Speaker 2023 – Canadian Rookie Speaker of the Year: Patrick Owen, Ph.D.

Dr. Patrick Owen is a Lecturer at the School of Nutrition, McGill University, where he teaches graduate courses in the fields of evolutionary nutrition, phytochemistry, and ethnobotany. His expertise stems from his field research in Tibet, India, Papua New Guinea, and Northern Canada where diet and lifestyle play a critical role in wellness, environment, and emotional well-being. He is one of Canada’s leading experts on Ancestral Health and Functional Nutrition and runs a private practice to help those looking to improve their body composition, manage stress, and ameliorate their overall quality of life.

“Sleep, Squats, Sun, and Steak – it’s the easiest formula to become more aligned between your biology and your environment.  Oh – and cold showers every morning!”

-Patrick Owen, Ph.D.

Patrick Owen, Ph.D. Ancestral Health & Functional Nutrition Keynote speaker Canada - TEC Canada Speaker: TEC Rookie Speaker of the Year 2023
Alyssa Spaw, TEC Canada Speaker, I teach busy executives and the community how to live longer, happier and healthier lives

TEC Top Speaker 2023 – U.S. Speaker of the Year: Alyssa Spaw

Alyssa Spaw’s journey into health and fitness began during her junior year of college. Transitioning from at-home workout programs to competitive bodybuilding, Alyssa won 1st place in her Bikini Division class at her first NGA show in September 2016. This experience prompted her to delve deeper into the relationship between mental and physical health.

Encountering struggles with an eating disorder, Alyssa realized the importance of addressing mental well-being alongside physical strength. This realization inspired her to establish a Wellness consulting business focused on fostering a healthy balance between mind, body, and nutrition. Alyssa emphasizes the significance of individualized approaches to fitness goals and provides science-based information to those facing similar challenges.

Through her journey, Alyssa has gained insights into the complexities of the fitness industry and the importance of mental resilience in achieving physical strength. Her mission is to empower individuals to cultivate a positive relationship with food, mind, and body, guiding them toward sustainable lifestyle changes and personal growth.

“The TEC Canada community never fails to bring value, joy, and genuine connection into my presentations. It has been a privilege and pleasure to use my voice to bring the ideas of wellness to the outstanding Chairs and members I’ve had the opportunity to meet!”

-Alyssa Spaw

As we conclude our celebration of the 2023 TEC Canada Speaker Awards, we extend our congratulations to Jim Harris, Patrick Owen, Ph.D., Alyssa Spaw, and the 1000+ keynote professional speakers and thought leaders who set new benchmarks for excellence within our speaker community!

Here’s to another year of outstanding achievements and endless possibilities for personal and professional development ahead.

TEC Canada Speakers and the thought leadership they share are an invaluable part of the TEC Canada member experience.

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