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Welcome to our blog where we share inspiring stories, recent accomplishments, and notable recognitions of TEC Canada members, their exceptional businesses, and TEC Chairs. Join us as we celebrate their successes and share the impactful journeys that make TEC Canada a thriving network of leaders.

AXSO’s president and CEO, Alexandre Bérubé, Launches The Eddie App

This new charging management tool, which has been tested on a small scale in recent months, is now available throughout Quebec. According to AXSO’s president and CEO, Alexandre Bérubé, Eddie has a dual objective: to help Hydro-Québec manage peak demand and to make life easier for electric car owners who live in condos and multi-unit buildings where charging is complex.

Alexandre Bérubé
Alexandre BérubéCEO at AXSO | TEC Canada Member in Quebec, QC

Celebrating TEC Canada Membership Milestones

Join us and TEC Chair, Ed McClelland in celebrating Ana Fernandes, co-owner of Abrisuite Inc., on her one-year anniversary with TEC Canada and Craig Seibel, owner of ACL Steel, as he marks his impressive five-year anniversary as a TEC Canada member!

Here’s to many more years of growth and success together.

Ana Fernandes
Ana FernandesCo-owner of Abrisuite Inc | TEC Canada Member in Toronto, ON
Craig Seibel
Craig SeibelOwner of ACL Steel | TEC Canada Member in Toronto, ON

TEC Chair, Tim Redpath, Visits Production at St Francis Herb Farm

Each month, TEC Chairs bring their members together for candid, confidential roundtable discussions to tackle their most pressing business challenges. Additionally, they meet one-on-one with each member, offering personalized executive coaching and guidance. Fully dedicated to their roles, TEC Chairs, like Tim Redpath, frequently visit their members’ businesses in person to monitor progress and celebrate successes, too!

Paul Rivett-Carnac
Paul Rivett-CarnacPresident and CEO at St Francis Herb Farm | TEC Canada Member in Ottawa, ON

Fereshteh Froude, CEO of Vancouver-based FMI (Froude Management Inc.), Leads by Example in Male-Dominated Construction Sector

“I embrace the roles of CEO, collaborator, and agent of change,” says Fereshteh, who leads the commercial construction general contracting company that does work across the country. “This approach led to recognition and solidified our team’s contributions. As one of the first female CEOs in a large scale of commercial general contracting in Canada, I am proud to be part of a broader movement toward inclusivity and diversity.”

Fereshteh Froude
Fereshteh FroudeCEO of Froude Management Inc. | TEC Canada Member in Vancouver, BC

Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEOs

Established in 1999, Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO awards have become Atlantic Canada’s premier celebration of corporate leadership excellence. The winners are recognized for their business growth, industry advancement, and community contribution. We proudly announce that Kevin Kiley, Dr. Patricia Lingley-Pottie, and John Flewelling have been honoured in Atlantic Business Magazine’s 2024 Top 50 CEO ranking!

Kevin Kiley, K.C.
Kevin Kiley, K.C. Managing Partner at McInnes Cooper | TEC Canada Member in Halifax, NS
Dr. Patricia Lingley-Pottie
Dr. Patricia Lingley-PottiePresident & CEO at Strongest Families Institute Assistant Professor, Dalhousie Univ. Scientist, IWK Health Centre | TEC Canada Member in Halifax, NS
John Flewelling, P.Eng.
John Flewelling, P.Eng.President / CEO CBCL Limited Consulting Engineers | TEC Canada Member in Halifax, NS

Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc. Named the 2024 Gold Winner for Best Storage Company in Kelowna

Lucas Griffin
Lucas GriffinPresident of Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc. | TEC Canada Member in Kelowna, BC

HiringBranch Wins Lighthouse HR Tech Award: Best Advance in Practical AI

With approximately 4,000 HR vendors in existence, these prestigious awards recognize less than 1%. We are incredibly proud that HiringBranch is among this elite group. If you’re experiencing déjà vu, it’s because this is the third award announcement for HiringBranch this year—and we’re not even halfway through! Check out the judges’ comments about HiringBranch in their post featuring all of this year’s winners below.

Stephane Rivard
Stephane RivardCEO at HiringBranch | TEC Canada Member in Montreal, QC

Roger King of Supplement King Canada Awarded the Canadian Business of the Year by the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce

Roger King
Roger King President at Supplement King Canada | TEC Canada Member in Halifax, NS

The Canadian business leaders celebrated above have a few things in common: recent incredible achievements, groundbreaking ideas, inspiring endeavours—and TEC Canada membership. Ready to join them?

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