We are delighted to announce the award-winning TEC Speakers for 2021! 

TEC’s professional speakers share their passion and knowledge with our executive-level groups. Their expertise inspires and challenges TEC members to be the best versions of themselves, and every year, TEC recognizes the top speakers that impact our community and contribute to the learning of Canada’s top-level leaders.

Selected based on their consistently high ratings, positive member feedback, and overall contribution to the TEC Canada community, we are proud to announce the following winners:

TEC Canada Speaker of the Year: Tom Deans









By combining humor and his first-hand experience as president of a family-owned multi-national corporation for almost a decade, Tom Deans has shown tens of thousands of business owners how to protect the retained earnings in their business.

TEC Canada Rookie Speaker of the Year: Rick Tiedemann









Rick Tiedemann’s experience with burnout a number of years ago brought into focus for him the fact that knowledge is not power. Rather, it is the application of knowledge that is and that we are truly the sum of our decisions. Since that time he has made significant lifestyle changes to ensure that he is able to create abundance for himself and those he cares deeply about.

TEC Canada Vistage Speaker of the Year: Eric Coryell









Eric Coryell dedicates his time to helping organizations engage their employees through strategic alignment, leadership development, and the creation of functional and accountable teams.

TEC speakers are highly interactive, thought leaders and industry experts who challenge and inspire TEC members to learn and adopt new approaches to achieve accelerated and sustainable growth. Congratulations and thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, for TEC members!

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