“I was no rock star academic, but I had a way with people and knew I would excel in sales – when the profits started covering more than my living expenses, I started to see potential.”


Growing up in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Roger King found his way to the big city through a winning ticket. At 20-years-old, Roger won a new car in a 50/50 draw at a hockey game, selling back the car gave him resources to move to Halifax and start his journey. After working a few hospitality jobs while attending Saint Mary’s University, Roger quickly learned he had a calling for entrepreneurship – paired with his social skills and love of fitness, he found success packaging and delivering orders for workout supplements. “I was no rock star academic, but I had a way with people and knew I would excel in sales – when the profits started covering more than my living expenses, I started to see potential.”

Knowing his competitors were more established, Roger looked to stand-out. “Nobody had taken the initiative to set up stores adjacent to high-volume gyms – having a kiosk next to a downtown GoodLife Fitness Centre helped me establish my clientele and adjust my business model based on that.”


Supplement King is a fitness and nutrition retailer that has grown from a one-man operation to 57 retail stores across Canada. “I get my energy from the great people around me – we’ve had a 0% attrition rate at our corporate level, and I credit that to us all buying in; we all take pride in helping Canadians reach their fitness goals.” Culture is reinforced heavily at Supplement King; “It’s all about doing what’s right for the customer; our staff are well-taken care of, so they aren’t pressured to push products.” When speaking about dealing almost exclusively with Canadian brands, Roger notes how providing quality and local products are in the best interest of their customers, “perhaps we could make more money with foreign products, but that doesn’t align with our business model.  All the products for sale at Supplement King meet rigorous regulatory requirements and include natural product numbers so our clientele can trust that what they’re purchasing is safe and effective.”


“I was first introduced to TEC by a business partner and fellow TEC member who believed I would be a good fit. I knew when I listened and heard how cohesively this group discussed challenges, similar to the ones I faced, that it was going to be a tremendous asset.” Having been a TEC member for 3 years now, Roger sees the greatest benefit in his group’s in-depth check-in process; “It’s extensive – two hours or so – on what’s going on in our business, what’s impacting us and our families, how are we feeling going forward; having those kind of conversations with a trusted group of peers really allows you to take a step back and see how you’re handling your goals.”

For Roger, the difference in perspectives is invaluable. “The fresh ideas offer up new opportunities that I otherwise would’ve overlooked. By having that day in my calendar, I can work on my business from the lens of several other leaders.”


Roger’s TEC experience is shaped by the bonds he builds with his group, “as an entrepreneur, when I look at my group, they get me – they know the challenges I’m facing because they’ve conquered them, they approach a problem from different perspectives and offer solutions to tackle that issue.”

As with many groups, a strong coach and leader holds them together. “My Chair Joe Gillivan is fantastic and like nobody else. He has an uncanny ability to step back and let things happen and then jump-in and challenge us when it’s needed. Often times, the best leaders are the best listeners, and when you have someone dedicated to getting you to the next level, it’s hard not to succeed.”

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