“We have implemented a number of ideas from TEC, and they have contributed to our culture, the way we look at things and ultimately our success.”


Since purchasing Waterplay Solutions from its founders in 2004, Jill White, President, has built the company into a global leader in the aquatic play industry. Jill’s prior work experience was in public practice accounting, advertising agencies and the forestry industry, but as a new mother at the time, running a business selling playground equipment seemed timely. “It was a new industry, and I was excited to see where it could go,” said Jill.


Waterplay Solutions started in Penticton with the founder and nine employees. When Jill bought it, she moved it immediately to Kelowna and has since expanded the company across North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Waterplay Solutions is passionate about bringing play to communities to make the planet more livable and socially just. They have thousands of installations across the world and are part of the movement toward a healthier, happier, global community by offering innovative aquatic play solutions designed for developing minds, thrill seekers, budding explorers and the young at heart.


Jill was introduced to TEC by attending a TEC meeting, where she had the opportunity to hear one of the speakers. “I felt like it was the first time I had the opportunity to engage with other people who have similar issues and get feedback on it,” said Jill. As the President and owner of the company, Jill had often wondered, “Am I making the right decisions, am I thinking of all the different perspectives, approaching this the right way?” With TEC, she has 12-16 peers around the table who can support her in asking the right questions to get to the right answer.

“We did an issue processing round when I expanded my business in the playground business. You get varying opinions that help you anticipate and answer questions before they become issues,” said Jill.

“I bring TEC content from meetings and speakers back to the company and leadership team and it has drastically changed the way that we operate as a business group,” said Jill. “We have implemented a number of ideas from TEC, and they have contributed to our culture, the way we look at things and ultimately our success.”


“The way we run our business has changed completely. We practice Open Book Management, and I joined TEC with that basis. Listening to all the TEC speakers has helped us implement it in a way that is our way. We went to seminars on the Rockefeller Habits, coupled with all the things that I have picked up in TEC has helped the way I communicate 100%.”

Jill uses her TEC group as a sounding board and leans on her Chair, David MacLean, to hold her accountable, helping her with personal issues as much as business concerns. “It becomes a deeper relationship than just a business advisor,” said Jill. “He picks up on things you say at the meetings and brings it up later to uncover a deeper meaning that helps you process that issue and how it’s affecting you. He’s good at providing ideas for ways to tackle problems. He’s not there to help you solve the problem, but help you find the resources necessary to do that.”

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