“This is one of the first times I felt like I wasn’t the smartest person in the room, but that felt good because I knew I would be growing in the right direction.”


As a young entrepreneur, Jason Maxwell is a self-starter all about learning. After receiving his accounting diploma, his keen interest in business led him to join the family company, one he would run and grow by 339%; all before his 25th birthday. Jason’s passion to develop had him learning from online coaches like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez, yet he desired something more personal that would hold him accountable; “I know the power of mentorship – I was running the company for the first 3 years without one,” said Jason, “Having someone I can meet with and be open to is important.”


For over 30 years, 1Clean Air has placed customer service as its priority, serving several Ontario communities in residential and commercial duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, dryer vent repair and more. “We value respect, energy, hard work, empathy and we are working to build something bigger than ourselves; our goal is to be the biggest duct cleaning company in Ottawa and our neighbouring regions,” said Jason. Under Jason’s leadership, the organization has grown from 7 employees to 28 employees, all certified by the NADCA (The National Air Duct Cleaner Association). “I operate by the idea that we do 95% of things right. To separate myself from everyone else, I analyze that 5% and see what we can do better. Recently, I’ve been searching, testing and implementing new software to improve the efficiency in our lead generation process to enhance our customer service.”


“Being an entrepreneur is lonely at the top – the biggest decisions are also the most difficult to make alone, and as leaders we need to reach out and get valuable advice,” said Jason. When Jason first met his Chair Pascal St. Jean, he knew there was an immediate fit; “I really liked the way Pascal saw business; he’s highly skilled in communication and organization – two of my weaknesses – so I knew this was a great opportunity.” Being the youngest in his TEC group, he reflected on his first meeting and on-going relationship with his fellow members; “This is one of the first times I felt like I wasn’t the smartest person in the room, but that felt good because I knew I would be growing in the right direction.” He continued, “I’m my own boss – no one holds me accountable like my TEC group and they’ll call me out if I don’t deliver on my promises.”


For Jason, TEC has been integral in developing business confidence, particularly in negotiations and presentations. “I’m a young guy, so when I approached major deals with large contractors, I was quite nervous. I brought the issue to my TEC group and they provided me with everything I needed to check/address regarding the deal. After I delivered my presentation, the contractors were quite impressed, we looked like we had been doing this for 50 years.” Jason also finds great value in the speakers who are brought in – they add insightful and relevant content to the issues facing the group. After listening to and working with a TEC speaker on leading winning presentations, Jason’s organization presented in front of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce winning the Prix Excelor Award in his industry. They were awarded for business excellence in the Outaouais area.

When reflecting on his year and a half with TEC, Jason stated, “I’m the type of person that will always try; the ultimate value of TEC and its return on investment are definitely worth it.”

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