Sales and marketing are two of the most critical business functions within an organization. As both directly impact lead generation and revenue, adapting to rapid shifts in consumer behaviour over the past year has been more critical than ever.

As COVID-19 is continuously changing how B2B & B2C buyers and sellers interact, and online sales consistently trend to their highest levels in history, TEC Canada has focused on Sales & Marketing as our most recent quarterly content theme. This blog features a compilation of the most impactful Sales & Marketing insights that we’ve shared over the past few months and have all been strategically selected to help you make better business decisions.

Featured Insights: Sales & Marketing

TEC Canada Deeper Insights Webinar: How to Close High-Value Sales Virtually

Kim Orlesky

If you are still stuck feeling that an entire sales cycle via webcam is painful and distorted, this presentation led by Kim Orlesky – President at KO Advantage Group and TEC member – will depict how webcam sales meetings actually allow you to converse with more prospects, host laser-focused discussions, and close deals in less time. Watch this recording now to become equipped and ready to connect faster with profitable clients who are ready to buy with virtual handshakes.

You’re Using Social Media All Wrong. Here’s What You Should Do Instead

You’re probably using social media all wrong. That’s right. Although you may be part of the community of business owners that have spent years leveraging social media to build personal and professional networks, you’ve likely fallen into the trap of using it as a broadcasting tool. If you want to get the most out of your social media, Justin Bariso – Founder of EQ Applied – shares two important questions that you should ask yourself before yourself or your organization crafts a post: How can I start a conversation? What can I learn from that conversation?

The People Problem of Content Strategy

When it comes to your content strategy, is it set-up to succeed in today’s environment that is moving at unprecedented speed and evolves almost every day? Your newly organized team might be ready to take advantage of new budgets, new technologies, and a new headcount – but you won’t achieve the impact you’re working for without solving the people problem of content strategy first. Discover Robert Rose’s step-by-step guide for taking your content strategy from an idea to successful execution in this timely blog. 

Five Ways To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It can be overwhelming to manage entire digital marketing strategies, but Sara McKinniss –  GCert, Marketing Director at FST Logistics– reveals five ways to simplify your approach to managing digital marketing strategies in this Forbes article. 

Facebook vs. Apple: Here’s what you need to know about their privacy feud

Does your business advertise on Facebook? Apple’s new privacy feature in iOS 14 could significantly impact the advantages that small businesses have when advertising on the Facebook platform. Read CNET’s most-recent recap, and gain insights to help you prepare for upcoming privacy changes that could affect how your small business advertises on social media.

TEC Podcast Host and Branding Expert Gair Maxwell: What’s the Heartbeat of Your Brand?

To reveal the sparkling personality that distinguishes your brand from the rest of the pack means zeroing in on and identifying its pulse; can you capture that essence in 2-6 words? Re-frame what matters the most for your company and help solidify your brand’s identity.

TEC Canada Deeper Insights Webinar: The Reputation Brand: Better Brand & Communications to Become Reputation Rich

In this webinar, viewers will assess if their communications are contributing to their credibility and overall reputation, or negatively impacting their reputation and brand. Complete with real-world examples, Adam Hartung – CEO and Managing Partner of Spark Partners – presents insights from recent news events and other sources to ensure that each attendee leaves with a thorough understanding of reputation bank deposits and withdrawals – as well as the implications.

Forbes: Why SMS is the Marketing Tool of the Future

It’s the fastest and most logical way to interact with shoppers; consumers are making more mobile purchases than ever. Discover how to leverage SMS in your recent marketing efforts to outpace your competition.

KPMG: Keeping Up With the Canadian Consumer

The pandemic has shifted Canadians’ habits, priorities, and expectations, although some of our familiar traits are holding strong. Discover what drives consumer trust in the new reality including: the rise in digital adoption, changing customer service priorities and more.

Harvard Business Review: Don’t Count on Free Trials to Win You Customers

Too many free trial campaigns aim to bring new customers to a brand’s products rather than enticing existing customers to spend more. Find the sweet spot when it comes to free trials so you can convert new customers into paying customers.

In this episode of The Leadership Standard podcast hosted by TEC Speaker and branding expert Gair Maxwell, Robert Rose reveals the ultimate guide to content marketing and defining trends that business leaders can’t ignore. For help understanding the realm of content marketing – and how you can use content marketing to build trust with your audience, improve conversions, and generate more leads for your business – press play on this intriguing and informative conversation.

Jennifer Carlson built a baby food empire from the ground up with her Baby Gourmet brand and recently revealed the organization’s next growth phase: Being acquired by the renowned Switzerland-based baby-food manufacturer, Hero Group. In the latest episode of The Leadership Standard podcast hosted by TEC Speaker and branding expert Gair Maxwell, Jennifer reminisces about her 15-year journey with Baby Gourmet and how its success has been a self-fulfilling prophecy – albeit not without a shortage of obstacles along the journey.

TEC Canada’s 2021 content features quarterly themes that align episodes of The Leadership Standard podcast, the Deeper Insights webinar series, and original digital content with topics that are relevant to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives and business leaders.

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