This blog is written with insights from Adrian Davis’ TEC webinar: Customer Engagement and Value Creation in Times of Uncertainty


How Do You Create Customer Engagement and Value Creation in Times of Uncertainty?

The perception of value has changed due to the COVID19 pandemic – so how are customers making decisions amid the coronavirus crisis? Adrian Davis, President Whetstone Inc. & Principal Partner at The Summit Group and 2019 TEC Canada Speaker of the Year, divulges how to effectively connect with customers in times of crisis and forge a mutually beneficial relationship.

Adrian’s “Customer Engagement and Value Creation in Times of Uncertainty” webinar provides insights surrounding the current – and future – mindset of customer service and sales including:

Why some customers thrive, while others struggle?

Everything customers do is based upon their experiences, which translate into how they act and what they perceive from your business. It is important to remember the human relationship with your customers, and be intrinsically helpful while demonstrating value with your business.

How to identify those customers that will collaborate with you to navigate uncertainty?

Imagine three boxes. The first box is you. Sales and customer service used to revolve around your needs and your business, predominantly living in the first box. Over time the customer service and sales industry shifted to second box thinking – which is focused on the customer and their needs. Now, we are moving towards third box thinking – which is an outside-in approach. It is achieved when you look through the lens of your customers to evaluate the needs of their customers. What do they believe? As crisis hits, it changes their perception of value, driving you to ask the question: “how does our customer create value for their customer? Does their customer perceive that as valuable?”. This method of thinking will be beneficial for you to navigate sales in this crisis and achieve results.

How to shift the conversation to be relevant, right now?

The purpose of business is to create value. If you want to be relevant, you need to create value – right now.

As echoed by Adrian’s webinar, business leaders are hardwired to overcome adversity and demonstrate resilience. In this time of uncertainty, Davis depicts how to authentically maximize your firms’ value and significantly resonate with pre-existing and future customers during this time.

View Adrian’s full “Customer Engagement and Value Creation in Times of Uncertainty” webinar here.