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What matters now is where the virus is heading – a best case scenario would see the virus peak before mid-year, stabilizing the U.S. and Canadian economies this summer and eventually leading to growth. News out of South Korea gives hope of turning the corner on COVID-19; with any sign of new cases decreasing, the financial markets would respond very quickly and although the recession would be steep, it would be short-lived. Canada, however, will recover much slower economically compared to the U.S. given the weak economic status prior to the crisis.


  • Flat retail sales, poor private sector employment since last summer, slumping business investment and flat numbers in non-energy exports since mid-2018 will pose a real challenge to exit a recession. However, this deep decline may see a more gradual upward slope compared to the U.S. on the other side of the recession; the U.S. could see a V-shaped recovery where Canada’s may resemble a check mark
  • Given Canada’s pipeline of projects in the construction sector prior to the outbreak, the construction industry, both residential and non-residential, should be one of the first to recover
  • The combined emergency fiscal measures announced by Prime Minister Trudeau on March 18th and March 27th amounts to almost 7% of GDP

United States:

  • The Fed has learned from the last crisis and is doing more than cutting rates; not only has its policy response been broad, it has also been swift
  • The big difference from 2008 is the purchase of corporate bonds
  • Unemployment rate could reach 30% in the 2nd Quarter and 2nd Quarter GDP could show a decline as large as 24%
  • Similar to Canada, the construction industry, again both residential and non-residential, is expected to be one of the first to recover


  • The global economy appears to show a larger percentage decline than in 2009
  • A recovery in oil prices is not expected anytime soon; this is bad news for Canada’s economy and Alberta in particular
  • Emerging market countries find themselves in a fragile position as they are burdened by unsustainable private and public debt, including USD denominated foreign debt


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