Mark Cheng

Vancouver, BC



Mark Cheng is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry, specializing in leadership management, strategic marketing, and product development. His entrepreneurial drive has resulted in a remarkable track record of enhancing consumer experience, improving organizational productivity, and driving operational efficiency through effective processes and solutions.

Throughout his career, Mark has achieved numerous notable accomplishments that have driven positive change and made a lasting impact on the automotive industry. These include, successfully negotiating perpetual national dealer franchise agreements, spearheading consumer research leading to the integration of a manufacturer’s production of North American content (NAFTA), developing a comprehensive national employee handbook, and implementing highly effective Customer Satisfaction Programs (CSI/SSI).

One of Mark’s proudest achievements was his role as the youngest Canadian Sales Manager for the largest Honda dealership in the country. Under his leadership, he pioneered a sales team that achieved an impressive 50% gender equality, setting a new standard for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Another significant milestone in Mark’s career was becoming the youngest and first Chinese-appointed dealer principal in Canada’s history for a VW franchise, exemplifying his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to break barriers in the industry.

With extensive experience in executive advisory boards within the automotive industry, including the VW National Dealer Advisory Board, Provincial Motor Dealers’ Association Executive Board, a provincial advertising/marketing board, and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Presidents’ Business Round Table Advisory Board, Mark has gained invaluable insights and a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry.

With his entrepreneurial drive, extensive leadership experience, and commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity, Mark is an exemplary leader for his diverse TEC Canada CEO group. His dedication lies in pushing each member to exceed their business growth objectives and reach their full leadership potential. By creating a stimulating and engaging environment that values different perspectives and achievements, Mark fosters a culture of respect and appreciation within his TEC CEO group.

TEC Group Vision

To create and facilitate a safe, confidential, and carefrontation culture that enhances, maximizes, and stimulates the growth of each member of the group. Our group’s core value of trust, growth, care, and challenge; engages each member, allowing them to think outside the box and feel the passion of success.


  • Mark has an educational background majoring in physics from the University of the Fraser Valley, The University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University, and has experience in accounting through his CGA.
  • Mark lives his life using the principles, family first, respect for others, and mother nature.