Download Your Copy of The Mental Wellness Playbook

Now that you have become more familiar with how common mental health issues are, and how they can affect individuals across a broad spectrum of demographics, it’s time to delve into what organizations can do to help those suffering from mental illness or distress.

With the Mental Wellness Playbook, employees and employers gain the ability to find more effective solutions and improve outcomes.

By viewing this concluding webinar in the Mental Health and Work series led by John Panigas, you’ll gain deeper insights into concepts and “plays” including:

    1. Senior leadership awareness
    2. Mental wellness website/page development
    3. Mental Wellness Survey
    4. Personal and Professional Development
    5. Walking the Four Corners
    6. Lunch with the leader
    7. Benefit review
    8. Newsletter

In his powerful recommendations, John Panigas uses the best available evidence and includes input from business leaders, clinicians, researchers, and other experts

Press play below to watch the “The Mental Wellness Playbook” webinar led by John Panigas

**This was the third webinar in the Mental Health and Work three-part series. Watch part two HERE and part one HERE .

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