Do you know the 5 Mindsets that control your leadership? Ryan Walter’s insightful webinar provides advice surrounding the importance of energy in leadership, and how teams emulate the energy of their leaders. Utilizing practical methods from science, Ryan describes how to help your team shift their mental mindset and employ the visualization technique of “mental contrasting” to collectively achieve your organizational goals during this time.

Ryan’s “Leading ME – Leading OTHERS (The 5 Mindsets of Resilience & Energy)” webinar encompasses methods to keep your team energized including:

» Building awareness around the 5 Mindsets that control your leadership
» Helping our people increase their “short-shifts”
» Coaching questions to increase positive Mindset/Metacognition
» Brainstorming how to dial back personal and cultural stress

After viewing Walter’s webinar, you’ll be knowledgeable about the obstacles that are impeding your organizational success and gain the tools that support the accomplishment of your goals.

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