Do you know how to strategically invest during the COVID-19 pandemic? To advance your financial preparedness, Sarah Bull is joined by team members from KJ Harrison & Partners Inc – the most relevant private client firm in Canada, centered on outstanding investing and strategic advice – to reveal how the pandemic can impact your investments during this time. This insightful webinar encompasses topics including:

» What are the numbers telling us; updated trends and statistics since March

» Potential economic impact; likely scenarios and timeline

» Positioning your portfolio and implications for your investments

Complete with examples of markets that are rewarding investors right now – the team at KJ Harrison & Partners Inc details the four market indicators that they’re watching and how they’re impacting future investment strategies. With insights that span digital currency to gold – Sarah Bull’s “Investing in the Time of COVID-19” webinar details how to reach your investment objectives now, and in the future.

Download the accompanying PowerPoint here.

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